Review: Nivea Perfect & Radiant Sensitive Day Cream

nivea perfect & radiant sensitive day cream

I’ve had my fair share of getting the chance to test and review beauty products, especially items in the skincare department. Platforms like Ruby Box are a great way to learn more about products by getting the chance to try them out yourself. As a fan of the Nivea Perfect & Radiant Even Tone Day Cream that they sent me a while back, I was pleasantly surprised to find myself reviewing the new Perfect & Radiant Sensitive version.

I had a couple of expectations with this product, given that I’m used to wearing the Even Tone version, and now that over 2 weeks have passed by, I have some mixed thoughts on the Nivea Perfect & Radiant Senstive Day Cream.

A thumbs up I must give to this product is the packaging. I prefer my creams to come in tube-like containers (I find this easier to control how much I want to use and general practicality of the packaging). My one annoyance with the Even Tone version was the fact that it comes in this little tub-like container, so scooping out the cream with my long natural nails was something I never look forward to. So here, the Sensitive Day Cream trumps the other one.

Another great benefit of the Sensitive Day Cream version is the SPF15 that’s been infused, just like the Even Tone version. Paying attention to SPF has become an important part of my daytime skincare routine so I’m pleased to know that both these products have that extra kick to protect my skin from the sun.

In terms of smell and texture, the differences are apparent here. The Even Tone Day Cream is definitely fragranced whereas the Sensitive Day Cream isn’t (as I expected for a product that’s for sensitive skin). You’ll also find that the Even Tone Day Cream is creamier and slightly thicker in texture, as compared to the Sensitive Day Cream. This, however, doesn’t seem to affect how quickly the creams are absorbed by the skin, as they both tend to sink easily into the skin as you apply it in circular motions. Something else I noticed was how the Even Tone version has a slight sheen to it compared to its Sensitive counterpart. This seems to affect the appearance of your skin because the Even Tone version generally leaves my face with a little natural shine and radiance to it, but I never got that same appearance with the Sensitive version.

Speaking more on the appearance of one’s skin, the Sensitive Day Cream is made to not only soothe the skin but to also gently reduce the appearance of dark marks. I personally did not see this happen for me. I don’t have a lot of dark marks to begin with and the marks I did have on my face were left after trialling the Pond’s Pimple Clear range on some pimples I had. This range didn’t do much to reduce those pimple marks and I had hoped that this cream could help – but I’m still left with minor spots where my pimples used to be.

Something else I’ve got to share about this product is how much it made me sweat a little more on my face than usual. I have Normal to Combination skin, so I naturally get small spells of oil on my nose primarily. Every time I applied this cream and went out into the sun, I was sweating more across my forehead and nose instead of producing those natural oils. You might be wondering “How on earth can you distinguish between your facial oils and sweat?” Well, truly, it takes knowing your face and understanding the intricacies and reactions that happen either when you’re using products or you’re out and about. I know that with my facial oils, there’s always a little shine left on my fingers when I pat the oils away. There was none of that this time around with the Sensitive Day Cream. Could this perhaps be due to my skin type being different to who this product is actually made for?

All in all, I’d give this product a 6 out of 10. Both products are R99.95 for 50ml (available at Clicks or Dischem), and I would only pay this amount for the Even Tone Day cream. The results are just more visible for me – I get that radiant glow that gives me enough confidence to go makeup-free on different days throughout the week. The Sensitive Day Cream however, doesn’t give me that same feeling. There’s nothing 100% terrible about it but I do think that there are better day creams out on the market, so I give this one a miss on repurchasing it or recommending it to others.

Let me know in the comments what are some of the day creams that you are using.


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