#FeelingIsBelievingSA with Revlon

Of all the campaigns I’ve had the pleasure of participating in, this one has to be one of my all time favourites. Not just because there was an actual product that selected influencers and content creators were trialing out, but the message attached to the whole campaign was exactly something I fundamentally believe in – the power of affirmation.

Over the course of 3 weeks, myself and other #LoveThat ladies were tasked with picking a perfume for the week to help us affirm certain attributes, traits or positive thinking. With 3 new eau du toilettes from Revlon, we engaged with the #FeelingIsBelievingSA tag on our social media to share our experiences of using the power of perfume to affirm our self beliefs.

Love That Shimmer

Probably my favourite out of all 3 fragrances, Love That Shimmer had me wanting to affirm my happiness. My birthday was in June, and at the end of that day, I realised how much work I had done for other people instead of take time off to just enjoy my special day. There were readings I was doing, blog posts and consultations that I had going on, and I didn’t have the time to just have my cake and eat it. So the very next day, I tasked myself with the affirmation that I deserve to be happy – to put my happiness first.

Like any other affirmation, this really is about one’s mindset. You have to consistently tell yourself how worthy you are of joy. I started to do this in the mirror every time I applied highlighter onto my face. I repeated over and over again “I am joy. I deserve happiness.” I used the Love That Shimmer perfume to help me bring back some sparkle into my life,

What makes this perfume my favourite are the scents it contains. I prefer floral fragrances – which this perfume contains. And so naturally, this was really helpful in boosting those happy moments during the week. It was a simple formula where Love That Shimmer + Feeling Happy = Believing My Affirmation. The power of perfume is real when it comes to triggering certain memories or emotions, and so as I attached happiness to this perfume, that’s exactly what I found myself believing.

Love That Red

The boldest (in my opinion) of all fragrances, this perfume was all about feeling like a #BossBabe! It’s been so long since I rocked some bold lipstick, and so I’d forgotten the confident feeling I would get whenever I wore red lipstick. So that’s what my affirmation with this perfume was about!

From smashing goals and meeting work targets, to wearing red lipstick to boost my confidence again, the Love That Red perfume helped me boost the feeling of being a boss in what I do. Now I will admit, this fragrance was my least favourite because of the dominant oriental notes found in it. I’m not too fond of the smell personally, and it isn’t something you would find me reaching for. But if you want something to wear for a night out, this could definitely be one of those go-to fragrances to try when you want to command attention in a room.

This perfume, together with the other two fragrances, retail for about R225 for a 50ml bottle. I’m not too crazy about the price, purely because I know that I can get a 200ml bottle of perfume at Zara for R200 (when on sale, that is) if I exercise patience. And, well, I’m willing to exercise patience if I will get more bang (or perfume) for my buck.

Love That Velvet

This was the last perfume up on trial, and it was a very close contender as my favourite out of the bunch. For me, the message attached to this perfume was about igniting my inner sexy again. It’s been a very long minute since I felt that way, and so I hoped to bring my sexy back through the power of this particular perfume.

Armed with floral and fruity notes (my favs), feeling sexy in my body again was a rather odd but interesting experience mainly because of the struggle it actually was. It’s not easy to keep telling yourself you’re sexy when it’s been literal months since you last uttered those those words. At first, it felt odd and strange and I wanted to laugh it off, but as the days progressed and I kept applying this particular perfume, the more it got me thinking about the definition of sexy and being a ‘snack’ and why I don’t relate to those terms.

I don’t think I’m sexy – at least, not according to societal standards – but with the Love That Velvet, I found myself wanting to redefine what sexy was for me. That it’s possible to have a multilayered definition of sexy; one where it isn’t simply about my physical appearance, but also includes my heart, mind and soul. I am a snack, in my own delicious way! There isn’t a meal out there that looks like me, and that kind of uniqueness… That’s damn sexy to me!

As the campaign came to an end, I truly realised the power of affirming yourself consistently. There were a number of things that happened to me during my 3 week journey with Revlon – I found a renewed sense of happiness, I landed an amazing new internship and I look at myself in the mirror more positively now.

The senses and the mind are powerfully connected, and this campaign taught me to keep on affirming myself through the things I see, feel, smell, taste and touch. It taught me to feel, to believe and to ultimately create a new habit where feeling really is believing.


Published by Khalipha Ntloko

I'm a South African blogger with a love for writing and photography. After completing my BA Honours in Industrial Sociology degree, I'm taking on the real world and embarking on a wonderful journey of continuous growth and success that is filled with nothing but authenticity. So, here's to inspiring real life!

7 thoughts on “#FeelingIsBelievingSA with Revlon

    1. Wait, what!? And I though South Africa was lagging behind a bit with receiving products! But the power of perfume is definitely something I took away from this campaign! Also, I love your blog! 🤩

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    1. First of all – QUEEN! Your blog is EVERYTHING! I love your content! Keep winning and shining! I’m so glad you left a link to it!


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