My Ear Piercing Experience with Claire’s

My birthday was on the 23rd of June, and when I reflected on it the following day, I realised how much I never really did the things I wanted to do for myself. I was busy with work and creating content for other people, and didn’t really get a moment to spoil myself.

Fast forward to July and I was keen to do something out of my comfort zone. I’m about living a colourful life, and creating incredible moments that add such colour. So when Claire’s South Africa approached me to join them on their #MyClairesPiercing, I was surprisingly eager to get my next pair of earrings done. I already have 4 ear piercings, so adding another 2 seemed like a great way to step out of the very comfort zone I wanted to get out of.

Saturday, 3 August 2019, was my D-Day to get my ears pierced. I headed over to the Claire’s standalone store in Cavendish Square, Cape Town, with my best friend to get my new studs. While this is my 3rd time getting my ears pierced, Claire’s has pierced over 100 million ears worldwide. It’s good to know that they are the leading ear piercing specialists, with earrings that are individually wrapped, sterilized, and meet and exceed FDA guidelines!

I had so much fun filming around the store and finally choosing the earrings that would be used for the piercing. I opted for the simple Sterling Silver 3mm ball pair, but you have a wider variety to choose from – plain 3mm or 5mm balls, earrings made from white gold or titanium, or with some kind of stone like pearls or cubic zirconia.

Now, in the middle of all the fun, I remembered that my pain tolerance is actually quite low. I cry at the slightest touch of pain, and so I knew that this was to be expected for my ear piercing. Did I feel some pain during my piercing? Yes, I did. But it wasn’t as painful as I thought it would be, and here’s why…

See, I was hoping to get a cartilage piercing on my upper right ear. I knew THAT was going to be 100% painful for me. But as the trained Piercing Princesses from Claire’s took a look at my ear, they immediately told me that getting the cartilage piercing I wanted wasn’t going to be possible with a piercing gun because of the way my ear was shaped and folded. Instead, I was advised that I would most likely need to go to a professional piercer who uses a needle to get my upper ears done.

I wasn’t going to argue with the Piercing Princesses about this, especially when they’re trained and have done this countless times before. No matter how much I may have wanted one, a cartilage piercing was out of the picture for me. So I got my 3rd piercings right in the crease of my ears instead. Was it still painful? Yes (because I genuinely can’t take pain like everyone else can), but thank goodness I had my best friend (and Claire’s Bear) with me to hold my hand (and camera for the vlog) throughout the experience.

The ear piercing is free with the purchase of an earring starter kit, and once your piercing is over, you not only receive some After-Care Coaching when it comes to the next steps, but you also receive a free Ear Care Solution to keep cleaning your ears with. I have to do this 3 times a day for the next 12 weeks, and while it can be difficult sometimes to be consistent with it, you definitely want to make sure you adhere to the instructions you get to avoid getting infections.

It’s only been one week since my piercing, and the throbbing is still there, but I’m happy with myself and the brave move I made to do this with Claire’s. I’m convinced to perhaps go back and get a 4th piercing done above my new ones next year, but for now, I’d love to give YOU the chance to win your own #ClairesEarPiercing experience. Simply click here, and follow the instructions to enter my giveaway!

NOTE: This blog post is sponsored by Claire’s South Africa


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