Saint James Cafe, Cape Town

milk and pot plant on shelf with a menu at a coffee shop

It was a cloud-covered, casual Sunday morning. Self-care was on the agenda, but instead of just letting it the usual skincare routine, I thought I’d kick start my day a little differently.

With nothing but my camera, debit card and the urge to explore something different, I wandered about the eclectic suburb of Observatory in Cape Town to find Saint James Cafe. I found their Instagram account through Froth, a membership app that lets you discover independent coffee shops. Naturally, I was drawn to the decor of Saint James Cafe, and had to find this place on my own. So, I did. And well, it was definitely worth getting a little rained on…

What I like about this cafe is how lowkey it is – not too crowded, with enough options on the menu and an ambiance that caters for those who need to do a little work (remote workers, this place may be for you). Not to mention some of the friendliest staff that I’ve come across.

I leisurely enjoyed a cup of both Earl Grey and a Cappuccino, listening on to the light patter of rain and bustle of a good old cafe. It’s honestly a cosy vibe, and I found myself spending a good 3 hours here sipping away and creating some content (click here to see some).

Saint James Cafe does offer a great range of breakfasts, lunch meals and baked treats to have with your hot (or cold) beverage – I had just eaten breakfast before I arrived so oops! No space in my stomach to eat anything more sadly. But I’ll certainly return to try!

Like I mentioned, the aesthetic decor and colour scheme of Saint James Cafe appealed to me. As a creatively-inclined person, as I scrolled through their Instagram feed, I felt so drawn to their blue hues and slightly rustic charm with a touch of modernity in the monochromatic tiling of their counter. If you are a photographer, this is a great place to take some portraits, or even delve into some fashion photos. I certainly did next two their giant logo splashed on the side wall of the cafe.

In terms of pricing, their menu is, in general, pretty affordable. From a quick morning cuppa, to having an actual meal or simply catching their coffee special, Saint James Cafe doesn’t hit the hardest on your wallet, which makes it a great place for students, family and friends to enjoy something here. There’s an R18 Coffee Special on Sundays between 15h30 and 17h00, which is perfect if you’re looking to catch up with a friend or get some uninterrupted work done.

For a quick Sunday solo session, Saint James Cafe was a fabulous way to start my day of self love and care. The hours I spent there were a blissful slice of happiness in being away from my usual bedroom. If you’re looking for a quaint, quiet and quality-coffee spot in Cape Town, add Saint James Cafe to your list of places to visit at least once in your life! Well… twice actually… Once for the coffee. The other, for the Earl Grey

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