Changing My Flatlay Game with Flatlay Studio SA

I’ve taken the time to work hard to become a flatlay photographer in South Africa. But the goal, is to become the top flatlay photographer – which I hope is something I can achieve this year.

But in my growing flatlay photography career, I have used my white bed sheet as a background for almost all of my flatlays. From food and beauty to lifestyle and fashion, my white, single bed sheet was a signature in many of my flatlays.

Until December 2019, when I got the chance to collaborate with South African business, Flatlay Studios SA. I needed to do something about my backgrounds, and how monotonous they looked for me. I needed a challenge, and the best way I knew how was to work with a local company that provides some of the best flatlay boards I have come across.

The Best Business for Boards

Flatlay Studio SA is a South African company that supplies flatlay styling background boards. As a creative and upcoming flatlay photographer, working with a brand like this was a natural fit because Flatlay Studio SA has the goal of empowering people like me, who want to change their flatlay photography game.

For the longest time, I used my white bedding sheet as the background for most of my flatlays because, let’s face it – white looks GOOD for flatlay backgrounds. Take a look at my Instagram feed, and you’ll see these sprinkled everywhere. White as the background for my flatlays, as great as it looked, soon became a crutch for me.

As easy as it was for me to depend on white backgrounds, it was just as easy for me to work with Flatlay Studio SA because of the challenge they gave me, and the empowerment I felt as I used their boards.

Speaking of, Flatlay Studio offers over 80 different styles of flatlay boards. From Tile and Marble textures, to Wood and Charcoals. The variety is beautifully endless, so as a flatlay photographer, it was a tough but enjoyable choice to make when it came to the 3 boards I would be using for this collaboration.

Settling on a Marble, Wooden and Charcoal background, the entire checkout process on the Flatlay Studio website was easy, seamless and you get email notifications about the shipment of your boards in real-time. This all makes for a positive customer experience that I’m glad this company gets right.

Pushing My Flatlay Boundaries

With all the variety of boards that Flatlay Studio offers, it was a difficult task to choose my favourite 3. And while I eventually did settle on my choices, I enjoyed the challenge that this brand offered me in terms of pushing my flatlay photography boundaries. It’s thanks to their boards that I have manage to stretch my creativity more, and explore the impact that backgrounds can make on a flatlay image.

Experimenting with their Slate Charcoal Texture board was probably the most fun I’ve had in my flatlay photography career. I knew that a board like this would work well with neutral colours, and then a pop of colour – in my breakfast inspired image above, that pop of colour was red. The white specks on the style of this board helped create an interesting textured dynamic to the board that made styling my food and accessory items the most fun I’ve had in terms of pushing my flatlay boundaries.

And that’s what I loved the most about collaborating with Flatlay Studio. Apart from a well-designed and easy to navigate website, their story has captured me.

As a flatlay photographer with the goal of being the best that there is in South Africa, getting the chance to collaborate with a business that wants to empower other creatives has personally helped me change my flatlay game. Now that I have experimented with different boards to see how that impacts my flatlays, I feel so much more confident in my skills.

I feel empowered – which is exactly what Flatlay Studio hopes to do for you too. If you’re also looking to experiment with product or flatlay photography, take a look at what Flatlay Studio has to offer in terms of the variety of boards. Challenge yourself, like I did, to push past your usual creative boundaries and add diversity into the content you create by using boards from a business that’s here to enable you!


Published by Khalipha Ntloko

I'm a South African blogger with a love for writing and photography. After completing my BA Honours in Industrial Sociology degree, I'm taking on the real world and embarking on a wonderful journey of continuous growth and success that is filled with nothing but authenticity. So, here's to inspiring real life!

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