How To Choose Cleaner Beauty Products

2020 is in full swing, and with it, I’ve had a desire to take a deep-dive into the ingredients that are listed on many of my skincare and beauty products.

Years ago, I remember attending a workshop with local South African beauty brand, Hey Gorgeous, and I vividly remember the Founder telling us in a Q&A session that if we can’t pronounce the ingredients listed on the back of some skincare or hair care products, just don’t buy it. Honestly, her advice stuck like industrial glue.

But while her advice did stick, I didn’t always heed the advice. I’ve gone through the motions of changing skincare products every so often (although now I have a much better sense of what my skin needs), and I find myself drawn towards paying attention to the products that I’m actually putting on my face.

So with that, I wanted to share with you an informative resource that highlights the importance of choosing cleaner beauty and personal care products. Beauty products, in some shape or form, are a part of your everyday routine – you might want to start thinking about the ingredients inside the things you put on yourself on a daily basis. have broken down how you can start being more label smart with your beauty and personal care products:

How to be a label sleuth and choose cleaner beauty & personal care productsHow to be a label sleuth and choose cleaner beauty & personal care productsInfographic by Quill

How to choose healthier products gives us a list of some of the common toxins to look out for – already, I’ve taken a look at some of my hair care products and found ingredients like Parabens, Phthlalates and EDTA. And you may want to take a look at what you have in your products after reading this post.

The question, then, is – what next? Are you supposed to just throw away that expensive jar of fragranced skincare lotion and casually toss your favourite shampoo that has Parabens in it? suggests that, much like how you slowly introduce your body to a new diet, you do the same with the cleaner products that you want to start bringing in. Try replacing each product as they run out, to avoid your wallet taking a harder hit if you do this in one go. This also helps your skin slowly adapt to the new ingredients. Because you’ll also want to monitor any minor reactions or irritations you experience.

As I continue to try keep it lean and clean with the skincare and beauty products I’m using, I hope this post sparks some thought-provoking reflection on the kind of products you want to incorporate in your routines. Maybe you like products created in labs. Maybe you like your products to be more organic. Whatever you fancy, I hope you’ll always choose the healthier option for you and your skin.

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