Sevruga Restaurant, Cape Town

sevruga restaurant in V&A waterfront cape town

Tucked away at Cape Town’s iconic V&A Waterfront lies Sevruga Restaurant, and elegant table-cloth style restaurant known for its seafood menu and summer cocktail selection. With views of the harbour, there is a lux vibe to Sevruga that makes dining here feel like a first class experience.

I remember coming here for the first time two months ago, in mid-March, after attending a YouTube workshop with fellow content creators. I’m used eating out at their sister restaurant, Beluga, that serves top quality dim sum and sushi. But I’m always up for satiating my inner foodie, so of course, eating lunch at Sevruga was a treat (and them some!)

One of the first things I loved about Sevruga is the look and feel of the restaurant. Unlike Beluga (which has more reds and dark brown tones), Sevruga matches the waterfront and oceanic scene – it’s light, open and has a contemporary style with more earth tones. There’s an indoor seating area, which feels more intimate than the open outdoor area, which really invokes a ‘lunch with the girls’, relaxed feelings that’s complimented by lots of natural light and scenes of the waterfront.

Sushi was the name of our lunch game on this particular day. I’m a lover of classic sushi pieces, and with a half-price special on all the classic sushi on their menu, I was surely in for a delicious treat as I feasted on California Rolls and a Cosmo.

But Sevruga still has more to offer than just seafood. You’ll find a range of meaty starters and mains, and elegant desserts. Trust me – you want to come here for the sushi though.

The service here is also professional enough, which makes for a memorable dining experience, especially with how the food is presented to you. We didn’t make a booking by the time we arrived at Sevruga, which seemed fine but I probably would advise you to book a table to secure your seat as the weekly specials could mean that it’s fuller than usual.

All in all, for a first time experience, Sevruga delivered on the exceptional quality of sushi that I know all too well from Beluga. It’s definitely a lovely scene to bask in the afternoon scenes of the V&A Waterfront as you sip on a cocktail and share a toast with friends. I think I do need another experience here to give a more fair judgement in terms of how consistent Sevruga is, but from what I could tell, it maintains a high standard of excellence that you simply will enjoy.


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