How Ideas Cartel is Showing Up During Lockdown

ideas cartel cape town on wooden chopping board with pasta and salt

I remember attending an event at the Ideas Cartel Old Foundry in Cape Town, and being taken aback by how stunning the co-working space looked. It’s a sophisticated space boasting a few other features that brings work and play under one roof. I wanted to do a self portrait shoot in this space but alas, current circumstances wouldn’t allow it and my photoshoot was postponed indefinitely. But while I can’t show up at this space, Ideas Cartel is still showing up for others during this lockdown period.

Driven by their roots as community builders and connection catalysts, Ideas Cartel has launched Cartel Connect Online (CCO) to provide an ecosystem for facilitated connections, a variety of curated live content, and a ‘delicatessen to your door’ service.

Determined to prove their commitment to providing supportive, constructive and inspiring experiences for their members, Ideas Cartel’s CCO goes beyond the delivery of groceries (although, their ingredients are fresh, farm-sourced and flavoursome) to offer everything from live entrepreneurship webinars to remote workouts.

What underlies these online interactions is simple: connection, in a time when the world has been forced to disconnect.

“We understand innovation doesn’t happen in isolation; it happens at the intersections. Our business was built on community and connection—just because we’re apart (for now), doesn’t mean we can’t work together.” Schuyler Vorster, Founder of Ideas Cartel

What’s really great about Cartel Connect Online is how it aims to empower entrepreneurs, small businesses and the general public to share ideas, discuss perspectives, exchange vital skills and uplift each other during the pandemic and beyond, outside of their own four walls. So whether you’re sharing what you know or sourcing essential items from small, local providers, your every effort counts in this community.

Watch how you can enjoy a refined digital experience with your Virtual Personal Assistant here.

Overview of CCO membership

The CCO platform offers you the opportunity to expand your community, share perspectives, and connect with a collective of like-minded entrepreneurs. Through the Ideas Cartel website and mobile app, you’ll have access to the following:

1) Connections Ecosystem

Unlock a members-only ecosystem built to facilitate connections that lead to powerful ideas. As part of the Ideas Cartel family, you’ll also have access to the Slack community and Skilltrade programme.

  • Business Showcasing – Leverage the Ideas Cartel community to showcase your company and its products.
  • Entrepreneurship Webinars – like The Wolf of Wall Street (Jordan Befort, Rob Hersov) and Remote Leadership (Mike Scott)
  • Business Coaching
  • Community Value Exchange
  • Skill shares and trades
  • Virtual PA

2) Curated Content

Gain full access to curated content, including live webinars and archived items. Non-members have the option to access live sessions when they buy a ticket in the app.

  • Video Masterclasses
  • Health & Wellness (Workouts, Meditation, Breathwork)
  • Digital community connection through forums and chat rooms

3) Cartel Deli

Experience all the benefits of a delicatessen to your door. This service is available to the public, but members always get more—Ideas Cartel throws in a little extra every time.

“We’re meeting uncertainty with ingenuity, creativity, and consideration—the same qualities humans have employed to overcome crises for years.” Schuyler Vorster, Founder of Ideas Cartel

Ideas Cartel has teamed up with local farms and artisanal suppliers to support small businesses and provide high-quality, fresh ingredients. Sourced directly from farmers, bakers and butchers under an essential services licence, this ‘delicatessen to your door’ service is available through the Ideas Cartel app.

Cartel Deli-veries: Packed Bags & Boxes

Family boxes consist of a beautiful range of fresh fruits, vegetables, free range eggs and raw honey from local farms, restaurant-quality meats from family butchers, fresh milk and yoghurts from nearby dairies, and breads and pastries from Ideas Cartel’s very own independent baker. Every pre-packed bag and box contains a combination of one week’s worth of food, but if you feel like spoiling yourself, you can top up with additional luxury items.

During lockdown, deliveries are available from Tuesday to Friday, and the service will continue to operate beyond the lockdown period. Orders for Tuesday/Wednesday deliveries and collections should be placed by 3pm on Monday. Orders for Thursday/Friday should be placed by 3pm on Wednesday. Collections are available from 12h00-17h00, and deliveries aim to be made during the same time.

Ideas Cartel, through the development of CCO, is providing a service that not only alleviates some of the pressures we’re currently exposed to, but also meets needs we’ll continue to have in the future, and prioritises people at the centre of the experience.


Ideas Cartel is the intersection for innovation; a catalyst of connection. Through an ecosystem of boutique hotels, adaptable workspaces, events and a bespoke membership club, we set up spaces and experiences that set you up for success.

Contact Ideas Cartel on 021 824 1782 or visit their website for more information.


The Old Foundry, 1 Sand Hill Road, Green Point (Cartel Deli)

113 Loop Street, City Bowl

71 Waterkant Street, De Waterkant

Social media handles below:

Facebook – @ideascartel

Instagram – Ideas Cartel

LinkedIn – Ideas Cartel

Twitter – @ideascartel


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