Wine of the Month: Hartenberg 2016 Shiraz

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Call it a lowkey love for Shiraz but here I am, writing my second “wine of the month” post dedicated to Shiraz, a red wine variant that I can’t seem to stay away from.

If I’m being honest, South Africa really does make a good variety of this red wine. As the eighth largest producer of wine in the world, South Africa has quite the variety of wines and it’s no secret that our red is one of the best on the planet.

Which brings me to this month’s wine that I’m showcasing: the Hartenberg 2016 Shiraz.

As one of the oldest and foremost producers of Shiraz in South Africa, Hartenberg is household name within the wine industry that you certainly should indulge yourself in and when it comes to this 2016 Shiraz, well, there’s so much to gush about.

For one, the tasting notes of this particular Shiraz are on the peppery side with cassis and fruit cake. On the nose, you can expect violet notes while the palate shows a more savoury and succulent finish.

When it comes to pairing this delicious 2016 Shiraz, I loved this with steak and mushroom sauce. I believe lamb is also a great pairing with this wine but I personally can’t say from experience purely because all I ever had this wine with was red meat or crackers and cheese on the weekends that I wanted to treat myself to something a little different. While I never gave it a try for myself, I have a feeling that this 2016 Shiraz would make for a great accompaniment with a cheese board to serve for guests for any dinner parties you may host.

Now let’s talk about the awards that this wine has won, because I think that speaks to the high quality wine that Hartenberg produce (and just another reason why you should give this 2016 Shiraz a try).

Say hello to the Shiraz that won a gold medal at the 2019 Syrah Du Monde as well as 4 Stars at Platter’s SA Wine Guide. This is the best of the best, the creme de la creme of wines and honestly, for a price of about R220 for a bottle, it is absolutely worth it.

This deep red beauty is a must have in your home cellar or little collection of wine that you may have. It’s vibrant in it’s aromas and notes and a gem to have at home. This Spring, I say you should raise a glass to red wine, and so do with Hartenberg’s 2016 Shiraz.


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