My Energy Skinesiology Experience

skinesiology auric mist with a small candle and cleansing mask outside in the sunlight

Energy reading is not a new thing, no matter how much the world has had to adapt to our good sis, “Mercury in Retrograde”.

This year has been one where I’ve taken my beauty routine really seriously. I’ve forced myself to make a better, conscious effort to invest in products that are actually good for me, and to use products with natural ingredients that will give me excellent results. But my routine has been taken a step further, thanks to the help of Skinesiology.

With so many concepts and conversations surrounding beauty and skincare, Skinesiology is a refreshing change because this isn’t just another skincare brand marketing itself solely as one that will fight your wrinkles, fine lines, or hyperpigmentation. Instead, Skinesiology is completely different because it incorporates kinesiology and mindfulness into every skincare product they produce. They have literally personalised their products, and with the use of high-quality ingredients, have achieved a brand based on the philosophy of helping you obtain inner and outer balance. To this, I say, “Yes please!”

A Holistic Approach to Beauty

I have to admit that since being introduced to Skinesiology, my approach to beauty and skincare has been a holistic one. I have never considered how beauty and mindfulness could intersect but here we are; Skinesiology has managed to achieve that, and make it such a pleasurable experience at the same time.

Each range from this brand has a specially designed mandala that’s based on the flowers included in each formulation. From the actual flowers used to the colour and design of the mandala, there is meaning and purpose behind it all, a perfect alignment to the lifestyle I want to lead.

At the start of the year, I remember how much I loved the Peace of Mind Auric Mist because at the time, I needed a whole lot of peace and stillness in my life as we entered the new decade. I had a bunch of goals and dreams and aspirations, and I needed peace of mind. This auric mist was such a great help in achieving this state of mind.

Fast forward to my birthday month in June, where I was officially a mid-20s girl and felt the gears shift. This is when I bought myself the Female Warrior Auric Mist to restore my inner feminine spirit and find my creative flow again. I can wholeheartedly say that using this mist and saying it’s accompanying mantra helped me get back to the place that I needed to be.

Getting My Energy Read with Skinesiology

When Skinesiology approached me to have my energy read with Dorita Redelinghuys, Founder of Skinesiology, there was only one obvious answer that I was going to give. Outside of never having my energy read before, I consider myself to be fairly open when trying new things and through my Psychology studies, I learned to gather as many perspectives on who I am as a way to learn more about myself. So learning about myself through this energy reading session was an opportunity I couldn’t miss.

Right off the bat, Dorita could pick up on how open and receptive I am, which truly confirmed the mindset I had walking into this reading – “just be open” is what I had thought to myself just 5min before our session. My openness certainly translated into this little yellow ball of sunshine, and I couldn’t help but confess to Dorita that sunflowers are my favourite flowers; this probably has everything to do with my energy too.

Dorita then went on to identify 3 aspects of my energy that even now, I think about all the time. First, the earth is a huge source of my energy, as well as for restoration. Being connected to nature is what energises and fuels me. Dorita is right in this regard because, as my video above explained, I get a lot of my creative inspiration from being outside and in nature. I need the sun on my skin, the sound of the ocean in my eyes, to get my creative juices flowing…

Which brought Dorita to her second point – I need to ground myself more in the earth. No, this doesn’t mean that my heads are in the clouds (although it can feel that way sometimes) but as much as I speak out into the universe when it comes to manifesting my goals and dreams, I should try doing the same but with the earth. And finally, Dorita completely enlightened me on welcoming sun energy within me. She guided me through a visualisation technique where I imagined the sun rising and setting, giving me the space to dwell within this moment that actually filled me up with a kind of warmth that I never want to let go of.

I walked away from our 1-hour reading feeling a soft sense of peace and reaffirmation that my journey with mindful beauty has been a rewarding one. I had forgotten how beautifully complex the human body is but the energy reading reminded me that there is a life-force flow within me that I shouldn’t neglect but nurture. On her note of getting me to ground myself better in the earth, Dorita suggested that I use the Bliss Inner Strength Hand Cream on my feet and take a moment to do breathing exercises and actually feel the earth beneath my feet. This is to help me get re-energised and focused, thanks to the alchemical spagyric extracted Aloe ferox the cream contains. I’ve been doing this once a week for 3 weeks now and I’m beginning to feel the steadiness and inner balance I sense whenever I need to focus on certain tasks I have that make my mind run wild.

Igniting My Female Warrior Energy

There was a reason why I was drawn to the Female Warrior Auric Mist back when I bought it on my birthday. I could feel a shift and change occur inside me and I was naturally drawn to the description and intention of this auric mist.

This auric mist falls under the Nurturing range and I remember thinking about how much of that I needed to do now that I was moving into the second half of my 20s. I wanted to embody strength, intuition, and a feminine energy that was all about me being able to achieve whatever I set my mind to – this auric mist most certainly uplifts my spirits.

The aromas you will find in this mist include Clary Sage, Lavender, Sweet Orange and Palmarosa (to name a few), and is all about balance and uplifting, cleansing and restoring one’s creative energy and feminine power from within. Now I see how Dorita picking up on my creative energy and the aspects of this mist are why I’m so drawn to it. I especially love the mantra that goes with it: “I am a creative being; I am in touch with the creative flow of life.”

Honestly, doing this energy reading and getting a different perspective on my whole aura was an experience I won’t forget for a while. Overall, I can’t gush enough about how much I’ve come to love Skinesiology and the effort I put into making it a part of my lifestyle. After taking the time to invest in products that aren’t just cleaner and friendlier, Skinesiology takes it a step further for me by being a brand that is all about mindful beauty. From the mantras and affirmations I say to myself when using their masks to basking in the Female Warrior scents when I need it, Skinesiology is a brand that simply does beauty differently and beautifully.

If you’re looking to try Skinesiology but have no idea where to start, try their online matching quiz to learn which range of products would be best suited to you! For more information on Skinesiology, visit their website, or give them a follow on Instagram at @skinesiologyskincare.

NOTE: This blog post was done in partnership with Skinesiology and formed part of a trade exchange. All thoughts and opinions are my own and are in no way influenced by Skinesiology.


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