2021 Home Decor Trends with Sally Malebana

2021 Home Trends with Sally Malebana

We’ve spent a considerable amount of year inside, thanks to self-isolating in light of COVID-19. I’m sure you’ve seen the four walls of your home so much more than you thought you would, and while we got comfy with our humble abodes, 2021 is around the corner and there are some home decor trends that you should consider to hit refresh on your abode.

I’m no expert when it comes to the realm of home decor, but South African media production company co-owner, Salome “Sally” Malebana is. With her amazing YouTube channel that focuses on home decor, DIY projects, and how to beautify your home on a budget, Sally has the tips and insights on the 2021 home decor trends to look out for, and she’s sharing them right here so read on!

Khalipha Ntloko: In South Africa, we kick off 2021 in the middle of the summer season. What home decor tips do you have for locals to incorporate into their homes?

Sally Malebana: Add more colour! This might come as a shock to my subscribers but I really like colour haha. I highly suggest green this summer. Adding more greens to your home will definitely make it feel more summery, more lively and more natural. You can do this by adding plants or adding a green accent in your home. This could be a mini accent wall or some greenery wall art. 

KN: What role do you see thrifting and DIY projects playing in 2021 when it comes to personalising one’s own space?

SM: 2020 has been a hard year and I think people are really trying to find ways to save their money. This is where I think thrifting and DIY will come in. The DIY community in SA is really growing in terms of creators and the people who consume it. The fun thing about DIYs is that you can make your home have your own special touch without it costing an arm and a leg. I think this is something people are more open to this year.

Watch this easy DIY tutorial to get prepped for summer in South Africa

KN: What are some of the key colours you see making a splash in 2021?

SM: Definitely green, beige and black. 

KN: The ‘Modern Farmhouse’ and ‘Mid-Century Modern’ home styles have been quite big in 2019 and 2020 – do you think these home styles will still be a popular trend going into 2021 or can we expect something else to trend instead?

SM: I think Farmhouse might be fading out actually but Mid-Century Modern is definitely here to stay. I think people are leaning more towards to boho side of things but we will definitely have to wait and see. 

KN: An ‘all-white kitchen’ seemed to be quite popular this year; do you think that will still be the case in 2021?

SM: It was definitely a trend but I don’t think it was a sustainable one. It might look pretty but more people have been finding it to more on the bland and boring side. I think it will definitely be short-lived. 

KN: What are some easy DIY projects that people can put on their New Years Resolution for 2021?

SM: People should start making their own candles ! Haha I have a few candle DIYs on my channel and I really love the way candles enhance your home. Not only do they give it a lovely aroma but you can make candles in literally anything and make it a statement piece in your home. DIY candles are definitely my top pick. 

DIY candles made easy with Sally Malebana

KN: What’s a trend from this year that you hope won’t still be popular in 2021?

SM: I’m really not a fan of the true minimal white look. I think it’s a bit boring and looks difficult to maintain. It also doesn’t feel too homey and more aesthetically pleasing than anything else. I hope the trend fades out soon. 

KN: Tell us about your home decor and DIY YouTube channel; any 2021 plans you have for it? 

SM: My channel is my baby. I love how much I get to engage with my audience and I love how free I can be. I definitely have a lot of content planned for this year and the next, all I need is the budget for it. Unfortunately, my channel depends on having a budget because although the DIYs are cheap, they’re not free. I am however looking forward to making new furniture, thrifting, and adding to my home in the coming months. I’m also hoping to get some exciting home brand collaborations but we’ll have to see about that. Fingers crossed. 

KN: Many people worked from home for most of 2020. How do you see this impacting home decor and DIY trends for 2021?

SM: I noticed that a lot of people were really into DIYs during this time. When you spend all day every day in your home, you want to make it look nice for you. You want to make it feel like home. I feel like this year we have gotten a lot of unique ideas because people were bored of the same old same old. This has definitely been a year of innovation in the DIY space for sure. 

For more home decor and DIY top tips and insights, follow Sally Malebana on Instagram, Twitter, and subscribe to her YouTube channel for more home inspired content.


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9 thoughts on “2021 Home Decor Trends with Sally Malebana

  1. Haha I am very much into the minimalistic look for my home – I’ve had it this way for about a year and I am starting to introduce small bits of decor to jazz it up a bit because my man thinks it’s too clinical!




    1. Oh Rosie, there is nothing wrong with the minimalistic vibe 🙂 It’s actually such an aesthetically pleasing environment to be in if one values clean lines and less clutter. But I hope you’ll enjoy your jazzing up!


  2. This was such a great read! I love watching Sally’s videos. She is able to connect so well with her subscribers and makes amazing content that you just need to try out yourself.


    1. I’m so glad you enjoyed the post, Anga! And it’s great to hear how much you love Sally’s videos; she’s such a lovely vibe and has really good content on her channel! Absolutely love her!


    1. Yay! I’m so glad you enjoyed this post! I’m also thinking about getting some frames in my new home so this post was really helpful – even to me 😅


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