Imbalie Beauty Now Ready to Bloom


The Imbalie Beauty Group is excited to kick off 2022 with a new name and will now be known as the i-BLOOM group.

The Imbalie Beauty Group Limited successfully delisted it’s subsidiaries from the JSE on the 17th January, as a requirement from the group’s bankers, after receiving a COVID loan in October 2020. This provided the perfect opportunity for the group to continue with their vision of being the leading and most desirable skin care, beauty and wellness solutions group, nationally and internationally, but under their new name.

The i-BLOOM name was initially birthed within the group, during 21 difficult trading months within the beauty industry due to the COVID pandemic, with the launch of the i-BLOOM magazine in September 2020. The magazine was the group is proud to have launched the fifth edition so far.This was followed, In October 2020, with the establishment of the i-BLOOM Beauty and Wellness Academy, an international online educational and training platform, for empowering and developing professionals within the beauty and wellness industry. As the name began to develop within the group, the exciting final step was the launch of the first i-BLOOM salon, and the group has already opened their first i-BLOOM by Placecol skin, hair beauty salon at Chartwell Corner, Fourways, in January 2022.

The new salon will fall under the i-BLOOM group’s franchise division, along with the other leading beauty franchises, Placecol, Dream Nails Beauty and Perfect 10. In addition, the group will continue to operate its products division, which houses the award-winning professional salon grade skin care brands, Placecol, INNOXA and Skinderm, as well its educational division with the i-BLOOM Beauty and Wellness Academy. “Over the last 40 years, we have built our product lines and beauty salon franchise groups on the foundations of education and excellence, and we look forward to continuing this legacy under our new name” says Esna Colyn, CEO of i-BLOOM Solutions.

“Our new i-BLOOM identity is aligned with our values which are flourish, teamwork, integrity, beauty and respect. My heart is full of gratitude towards our shareholders, our board, and our exceptional team, who had the courage to make bold and strategic long-term business decisions in the interest of all our stakeholders” says Esna. “I am also exceptionally proud of every salon owner who fought hard to keep the doors of their beauty salons open during this pandemic.

As the group forges ahead with its great plans for the year ahead, it will be entrenching their theme of the year ‘NextLevel’ across all the divisions, including with ongoing summits to grow business leaders and their teams. This is part of the fully integrated and proven beauty business solution that the group is excited to be implementing to enable the entire group to flourish and bloom, after the severe trading conditions of the last two years.


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