The Kindred Kitchen, Port Elizabeth

kindred kitchen menu in port elizabeth

Nestled in the buzzing foodie district of Richmond Hill in Port Elizabeth lies The Kindred Kitchen, a healthy food restaurant that brings you all the natural goodness in deliciously mouth-watering ways.  Starting with the artistically quaint interior design and easy flow from the indoor to outdoor eating areas, to the array of food and drink options, this spot has a naturally warm flair that inspires you to actually want to eat healthier well after you’ve paid for the bill.

Local art adorns the walls and vibrantly printed cushions add a splash of personality and colour to The Kindred Kitchen; their healthy menu is just as colourful, providing a good range of healthy breakfast and lunch menus that have a way of filling you up. Breakfast is served between 7am and 11am, and you can take your pick from Oats and Granola Bowls to Flapjacks and Toasties. Lunch is from 11am to 3pm and Bowls, Burgers and Burritos are just a few of the options you can expect on the menu.

Having come here twice already with my sister, we opted to share the snacks between us to create a kind of platter. An honourable mention goes to the housemade tomato sauce that accompanies the generous serving of Potato Chips – this has to be one of the best housemade sauces I’ve ever tasted (and Cape Town restaurants have definitely served me some delicious sauces before). It’s so perfectly seasoned that I would have licked the little bowl clean if I could. But I kept it together, and instead, found myself enjoying their Macadamia Sushi just as much.

This was a first for me, and it most certainly won’t be the last! I would have never thought that nuts and sushi are a delicious combo, but they are and for R35 for 4 pieces, this is well worth your money because of how fairly large the sushi pieces are. The Falafels with Beetroot Hummus rounded up our little platter and if there’s one thing that The Kindred Kitchen does well, it’s the presentation of their food (and sauces!).

Each of these snacks comes in their own unique dish, and you can tell that thought was put into how one is going to experience this dish. Because that’s what my time at The Kindred Kitchen felt like – a delicious experience of the natural goodness that Mother Nature intended us to enjoy. The Macadamia Sushi is served in a wooden bowl with wooden chopsticks. The Potato Chips and Falafels are served in these white curved bowls with patterned side plates. It all honestly becomes a visual experience first – eating with your eyes as you see the pop of pink Beetroot Hummus and golden crispy Potato Chips before you tuck into some delicious food.

The drinks menu is a pleasurable mix of classic and cool – from hot and cold drinks to mylks and healthy shots, each option still has an element to carefully curated nutrition that urged me to try something I wouldn’t normally. First time around, I had the Fire Tea (a hot liquid mix that included tumeric and honey), which I think is best if you drink it with a sore throat because this tea really packs a fiesty punch! The second time around found me sipping on a cool Honey, Strawberry & Basil Soda. It’s an acquired taste (mainly because I expect sugar in sodas) but this is more of a subtle refresher drink, especially since the soda is made right there and then with fresh ingredients.

Another great aspect of The Kindred Kitchen is that it also accommodates for children, with a play area and their own kid’s menu. It truly provides a place to spend time with your whole family on a Saturday morning, but if heading out isn’t the easiest option, then feel free to get your Kindred goods delivered to you! Either way, The Kindred Kitchen leaves you inspired to add healthy eating into your lifestyle, so don’t be surprised if you find many more posts like these on my blog 🙂

For more info on The Kindred Kitchen, click here and follow them on Instagram here.

NOTE: Photos were taken by Chubekile Ntloko & Khalipha Ntloko


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