Review: Aquafresh Pure White

“A smile is a curve that sets everything straight” and wow, did my perception of ‘whitening’ toothpaste products set straight during my Aquafresh Pure White trial with Beauty Bulletin for the past 4 to 5 weeks.

One of the first things I would look out for when it comes to my dental care products, it’s the price point. I know it probably shouldn’t be on the top of the priority list, but as a young professional who’s navigating the world of being a full-on adult, I’m always on the hunt for products that are affordable. Right after that is effectiveness and the minty fresh breath I want.

But then after taking a few trips to the dentist earlier this year, I quickly discovered that there is more to dental care than looking for something affordable. Especially as someone who wants a naturally-white smile, I wasn’t exactly taking the correct steps to get there. As much as I want a white smile, I also need to take care of my teeth – the enamels in particular. So that’s where this toothpaste comes. I need a toothpaste that will strengthen my rather weak teeth while also restore it’s natural whiteness. Here’s my thoughts on the Aquafresh Pure White toothpaste.


So, before this toothpaste, I had been using the Colgate Optic White toothpaste. One of the key differences I noticed between the two products is their respective unique selling points. Both toothpastes promise to give you whiter looking teeth, but it’s the time frame where there’s a difference. While the Colgate Optic White promises to whiten teeth instantly, the Aquafresh Pure White Range promises to do the same gently, and over time.

I can only imagine how much harsher ‘instant whitening’ toothpastes may be to the enamels, so already, I choose to go with Aquafresh for this reason. In terms of bringing back my natural white smile, there was a slow but positive change to my teeth since using this. I will add that for optimal results, you’ve got to not just brush your teeth with this twice daily, but you should floss and use a mouthwash as well. Teeth are one aspect of oral hygiene – there are your gums, inner cheeks and tongue to take care of as well. But overall, I was left impressed that this toothpaste sticks to what it says on it’s packaging – being 3 times more effective at stain removal while strengthening and protecting my teeth


Of course, I was looking out for how the Aquafresh Pure White range would compete with other whitening toothpastes when it comes to price.

The more expensive kind (your Sensodyne’s essentially, which can range from R40 upwards) are toothpastes I hardly go for. The most expensive toothpaste I’ve ever bought was the Colgate Sensitive Pro-Relief, which can cost just below R50 – depending on where you buy it. I wouldn’t normally buy a R50 toothpaste for daily use, but because I suffer from sensitive teeth, I need it.

The Colgate Optic White usually retails for R37.99 at Clicks for a 75ml tube. The Aquafresh Pure White, on the other hand, retails for R26.99 for the same amount. Already, the Aquafresh Pure White range ticks the ‘Cost Saving’ box for me, and it’s likely that I would repurchase this again because of this factor.


What can I say? Packaging is packaging, and I don’t think brands – in general – have come up with anything special when it comes to the packaging of toothpastes. It’s the same old tube and as much as technology is ever evolving, I hope brands will do the same in innovating better packaging of everyday products.

On the flip side, I also don’t mind how the tube of a toothpaste looks like; just as long as it’s been made easy for me to use the product, I’m happy…

Although, I did catch myself thinking how innovative it may be to have toothpastes pumped out of their tubes instead of us squeezing the product out… Just a random thought…


Hands down, between the two flavours of toothpastes, I loved the Aquafresh Tingling Mint!

Maybe it goes against the usual norm, but I love it when my toothpaste tastes as minty as possible. Call it psychological conditioning of sorts, but I do think that the more minty it tastes, the more it will help in getting my breath to smell just as minty. And that’s what the Tingling Mint flavour does for me.

The only thing I have against the Soft Mint flavour is simply how it just isn’t minty enough for me. I want my breath to smell like I eat mint leaves for a living, and Soft Mint doesn’t do that for me personally. But if you prefer to still have the ability to taste water undisturbed after brushing your teeth, then Soft Mint is for you.

Overall Impressions

4 weeks later, and admittedly, the Aquafresh Pure White range has convinced me enough to actually make the switch from my previous toothpaste.

Not just because of the better pricing, but because this isn’t an instant, quick fix for teeth whitening. I think our society has played a big role in emphasizing how whiter, brighter teeth are components to what makes someone beautiful. And while having snow white teeth may be a dream, it’s not mine. I want healthy, strong teeth where I can help maintain it’s natural whiteness without the use of harsh toothpastes. I still have certain stains on my teeth that would require an oral hygienist but when it comes to the overall appearance of my teeth, I’ve seen a change that I give a thumbs up.

These past few weeks with the Aquafresh Pure White range have made me take my dental care routine more seriously. My teeth may not be the whitest, but they are definitely better than how I started out before this trial.

But if anything, I’ve been informed about looking out for products that don’t give my teeth a quick fix. Rather, I find myself actively wanting to incorporate products that are truly for me and ensure more than just promising whiter teeth. So, with that, I’d recommend the Aquafresh Pure White if you are looking for a toothpaste that protects, polishes and restores the natural whiteness of your teeth.

NOTE: The opinions of this review are completely my own, and were in no way influenced by Aquafresh or Beauty Bulletin.


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